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Check out our Amazon Store Front where we've created helpful lists of all the items that we use for our dogs! Making getting ready for your puppy a breeze!

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Doodles are a high maintenance breed, despite them not shedding as most breeds do. They require being brushed multiple times per week, depending on the length of their coat. They also require a professional groom every 6-8 weeks. You can easily keep them trimmed and well groomed in between their professional grooms or venture into grooming them yourself! All Doodle coats need to be completely dried and brushed out after every bath or water playtime. There are special brushes designed for a Poodle/Doodle coat that are a must for any owner. Using any other kind of brush will result in their coat not being properly brushed out and will cause matting. Matting is when the under coat gets stuck under the top coat and will cause a dreadlock like coat to form. Which becomes extremely painful for them. A groomer will have to shave them down to their skin to remove the pelt that has formed, resulting in a not so pleasant experience for your Doodle and a not so happy owner when you get back your naked looking dog! In order to have the Instagram Doodle hair cuts it requires brushing your doodle properly 2-5 times per week. When bathing they need both a shampoo and conditioner. When brushing they need a detangling spray that helps the brush easily glide through and also conditions the coat. Doodles need their entire body brushed out with a Slicker brush, them after that brushed with a comb to get out any left over tangles. If there is a little tangle or mat formed you can use a de-matting brush on small sections. 


Detangling Spray:

Deodorizing Spray:

Air Dryer:



Playpen Setup
We highly encourage our pup parents to keep their pup in a playpen set up when not with the puppy. This reduces the risks of potty accidents and keeps your puppy safe from accidentally ingesting something that is dangerous or toxic. Placing the litter box in the playpen allows the puppy to go potty in their designated potty area when you are unable to take them outside. We line the litter box with pine pellets, this helps the pups to naturally be attracted to the outdoor smell of the pellets and do their business on it. Plus they've been trained since 3.5 weeks old to be attracted to the pine pellets. Since the smell is nothing like that of your home, you don't have to worry about the puppy learning to go potty inside. In a few short months you can remove the litter box once the puppy is able to hold their potty for longer periods and has been learning to go potty outside at their new home. Crate training at night is also encouraged. We recommend to get one that will fit your puppy when full grown, but with a divider so that way you can make the crate smaller while they are still little. They only need enough room to turn around in, otherwise they will go potty in  a larger area.  Crate sizing recommendations: 24 inches or 30 inches for petite Doodles. 30 inches or 36 inches for mini Doodles. 36 inches or 42 inches for a medium Doodle. For the litter box size we recommend 18x24. Be sure to get an anti spill food and water bowl as puppies are playful and will eventually spill their food and water!


Washable Puppy Pads:

Litter Box:

Pine Pellets:

Food & Water Bowl:

Bones & Treats

We recommend you stay away from most dog treats because they are full of artificial ingredients and fillers. Puppies have a very sensitive stomach and can often throw up or have diarrhea if given too many training treats. We recommend for training treats, simply cooked ground beef or mozzarella string cheese or other high quality training treat that are human grade. For bones, stay away from artificial ones with flavorings, especially rawhide as it stays in their digestive tract for weeks. Raw and real bones are best. Below are links to ones we buy for our dogs. NEVER give your dog any cooked bones from your left overs as those bones can splinter and cause them to choke. 

Raw Bones:​

Dental Chews:

Puppy Teether:

Training Treats:

We've recommended toys that are durable. We have both aggressive chewers that will destroy any squeaking plush toy and non aggressive chewers that will cherish and keep their plush toys for years. With the genetics of the Golden Retriever, most Doodles love to chew and need to have something in their mouth constantly.  

Rope Toys:



We strongly encourage our pup parents to continue to feed their pups Purina Pro Plan or another similar high quality dog food. We feed our adult dogs Purina Pro Plan adult dog food in either salmon or beef. We tend to stay away from chicken as its a known allergen to Doodles.  

Puppy Food:

Adult Food:

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