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How we raise our pups:

  • ENS (Early Neurological StimulationTo ensure the health and temperament of our pups we start socialization from days 3-16.

  • 10 Step Puppy handling done daily from the age of 2.5 weeks until they go home 

  • Goldendoodle AZ Potty Training Method - Pups will be trained to go potty in a litter box (they won't be perfect, but we start the basics with them from the early age of 3.5 weeks old)

  • Daily Socialization 

  • Daily Noise Desensitization

  • Puppy Curriculum

  • Introduction to grooming desensitization

  • Raised in our home with small children and so much love

  • Volhard Puppy Aptitude Testing, which helps us to place our pups in homes best suited for their unique and individual personalities.

  • Strict deworming protocol

  • Vet Checked

  • Age appropriate vaccinations

Puppy Nursery

puppies playing outside

Outside Play

Puppy Nursery
whelping room

Whelping Area

What goes home with your puppy:

  • Plush chew toy

  • Scented Blanket (rubbed on mom to help with the transition)

  • 6lbs Bag of puppy food - Purina Pro Plan

  • Goldendoodle AZ Tote bag

  • Training Resources

  • 30 days of Trupanion Pet Insurance.  

  • Vet and vaccination records

  • Lifetime Breeder Support

go home bags

How our Parent Dogs live:

  • Our parent dogs receive so much love and care from us!

  • They are genetically health tested through Embark

  • They eat premium dog food and are given pre and postnatal vitamins.

  • Our mamas are fed a special diet while nursing, to ensure proper nutrition for both mama and pups 

  • We have a climate controlled dog house when they are not inside our home 

  • They also get to swim away the summer heat in our pool

  • They are the best friends of their 3 little humans

Dog swimming
nursing mush
A/C Dog House
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