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Petite, Mini & Medium
Goldendoodle Litters
$2500 - $3500

How To Buy A Puppy
  1. Please complete our application here.
  2. Send us an email with the litter you are wanting to place a deposit on and include the gender you wish to reserve.
  3. We require a $500 non-refundable deposit, made via Venmo, Apple Pay or Zelle. Your deposit secures a gender pick of the litter placement for the litter of your choosing. You can see which pick of the litter placements are still available below.
Venmo: @Brielle-Richardson-2    &   Zelle & Apple Pay: 623-313-4135
Picking Your Puppy
  • Pick Day will typically be on a Saturday and you will be able to come to our home at your designated time and choose your puppy according to your pick of the litter placement for the gender you reserved. We do not allow home visits prior to Pick Day as we strive to ensure a healthy environment for our puppies, you can read more about our policy here.  
  • Each family will have 30 minutes to choose their furever friend. We found this to be the perfect amount of time for families to be matched with their perfect puppy. We will be able to assist families with any questions they have about the puppies including, coat type, personality and size. Personality testing also helps us to guide families to the perfect puppy for them! 
  • We wait for our puppies to be chosen after they have grown a bit a more and their personalities have started to develop.
  • We update you with weekly pictures and videos, from birth until the pups are ready to go home, so you can watch all the puppies as they grow!
  • Are non-refundable. If you are unable to find your furever friend with your current litter selection, then your deposit will be transferred to a future litter of your choosing. 
Please Note
  • We can only give an estimated due date for our planned litters, as we are at the mercy of Mother Nature planning the breedings according to the estimations of our female's heat cycle. These are future planned breedings. The pregnancies have not been confirmed, unless otherwise stated.
  • BREEDER RESERVES THE RIGHT OF FIRST CHOICE ON ANY LITTER. We don't always choose to keep a puppy, but sometimes, after the litter is born, there could be a puppy we might consider keeping. If this is the case, first choice of male or female (whichever we decided) will default to the breeder. Pushing first pick on the deposit list, to first choice after breeder.  
  • Expected coloring of pups are also an estimation. We do not guarantee colors or genders. Every litter is so different and unique.
  • Current Litter: Means our current planned breedings within the next 6 months.
  • Future Litter: Means the breeding scheduled to occur after the current breeding (6-12 months). 
  • If a deposit is placed on a Future litter and if by the rare occurrence the Current litter does not result in a pregnancy, then the pup parents on the Current litter will move to the Future litter and those on the Future litter will move to the next breeding. 
Puppy Go Home Day Schedule - 7-8 Weeks Old
  1. Pick #1 - 10:00am​       Pick #6 - 10:50am 
  2. Pick #2 - 10:10am​       Pick #7 - 11:00am 
  3. Pick #3 - 10:20am​       Pick #8 - 11:10am 
  4. Pick #4 - 10:30am​       Pick #9 - 11:20am 
  5. Pick #5 - 10:40am​       Pick #10 - 11:30am​ 
Puppy Pick Day Schedule - 5-6 Weeks Old
  1. Pick #1 - 10:00am​       Pick #6 - 12:30pm 
  2. Pick #2 - 10:30am​       Pick #7 - 1:00pm 
  3. Pick #3 - 11:00am​       Pick #8 - 1:30pm 
  4. Pick #4 - 11:30am​       Pick #9 - 2:00pm 
  5. Pick #5 - 12:00pm       Pick #10 - 2:30pm

Last Updated - June 2023

​​- Medium Size Litter -

Puppy Selections - June 24th, 2023
Go Home Day - July 8th, 2023

Expected size 35-55lbs

Dam: Missy - 45lbs - F1 Standard Apricot Goldendoodle 
Sire: Oliver - 35lb -  CKC Apricot Moyen Poodle

- We have apricots and apricot parti  -
Pictures can be found
Follow us on Instagram for videos of how we raise our pups! 

- Reservation List -  

Female Reservation 
Pick #1 - Luna Family
ick #2 - OPEN
Pick #3 - OPEN
Pick #4 - OPEN
Pick #5 - OPEN

Male Reservation
Pick #1 - Getskow Family

Pick #2 - OPEN
Pick #3 - OPEN
Pick #4 - OPEN
Pick #5 - OPEN

standard and mini goldendoodle puppies for sale
moyen poodle
moyen parti poodle
mini goldendoodle
​​- Mini Size Litter -

Future Breeding - Summer 2023
Unconfirmed Litter

First breeding for both - No previous litter photos


Estimated Breeding -  Aug/Sept 2023
Estimated Due Date - Oct/Nov 2023
Estimated Take Home Date - Dec/Jan 2024

Expected size 20-30lbs

Dam: Fiona - 28lbs - AKC Apricot Parti Moyen Poodle 
Sire: Teddy - 29lb - Multigen Apricot Goldendoodle

- Pups will be Apricot, Parti & Red -
- Expecting liver (brown) noses and light colored eyes -

- Reservation List -  

Female Reservation
Female Pick #1 - Breeders Choice

Female Pick #2 - AVAILABLE
Female Pick #3 - Hold until born
Female Pick #4 - Hold until born

Male Reservation 
Male Pick #1 - AVAILABLE

Male Pick #2 - AVAILABLE
Male Pick #3 - Hold until born
Male Pick #4 - Hold until born

mini goldendoodle
petite goldendoodle
​​- Petite Size Litter -

Fall 2023
Unconfirmed Litter


Estimated Breeding - June 2023
Estimated Due Date - August 2023
Estimated Take Home Date - October 2023

Expected size 15-25lbs

Dam: Skye - 25lbs - F1b Mini Apricot Tuxedo Goldendoodle 
Teddy - 12lb - F1b Petite Goldendoodle

- Expecting Apricot, Red and Apricot/Red Parti -

This is Teddy's first litter, so we do not
have previous litter pictures for him.

- Reservation List -  

Female Reservation
Female Pick #1 - AVAILABLE

Female Pick #2 - AVAILABLE
Female Pick #3 - Hold until born
Female Pick #4 - Hold until born

Male Reservation 
Male Pick #1 - AVAILABLE

Male Pick #2 - AVAILABLE
Male Pick #3 - Hold until born
Male Pick #4 - Hold until born

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