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What we use with our Doodles


We recommend that you crate train your pup at night to ensure they begin the proper process to potty training. The potty training method we use, teaches the pups from an early age to go potty on and recognize a potty pad, differentiating their designated potty spot from the rest of your house or their play area. Please keep in mind that puppies at this age are like infants and will have many accidents, but we help them to start the basics of potty training which their new families are then able to nurture and grow. We highly recommend a crate that has a divider that will be able to increase in size as the puppy grows. Their area at night should only be enough room to stand up and turn around, as dogs instinctively do not want to potty where they sleep. 


Here is a link to one that will fit a standard size pup: 

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