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Goldendoodle AZ's Studs

standard and mini goldendoodle puppies for sale
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Oliver "Ollie"
Moyen CKC - Apricot Poodle - 35lbs

Oliver is a handsome apricot Moyen Poodle with European Import lines. He is a gentle and sweet boy. He's also very intelligent and was a breeze to train. We love his goofy self, especially when he's excited, he'll spin in two quick circles and he smiles by lifting his front lip and showing his teeth! He's not a barker and he has a wonderful, calm and laid back temperament. He produces amazing puppies with low - medium level energy. 

- He can successfully mount standard size females - Live cover only -
- Must provide a negative brucellosis test within 15 days of breeding -

STUD FEE: $800 1st tie - $200 additional tie
Open to 1st pick of the litter
Payment is due after each successful tie

Oliver's Traits
Intense Red 8/10
Furnishings tested through Pawprint: F/F & +/+
Color Traits tested through Embark: ee, Kbky, ayat, Bb, Ssp
Genetic Health tested through Embark: Carries 1 copy of PRCD

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